Check points

We want to check that you are having fun. We want to know if you are enjoying the landscape and the route. And the way to know that is defining some check points.

Take a selfie or a pic of your mascot (if you are shy) in the control points and sent it via Watsapp to the phone given (it will come in the envelope together with the bib and the tickets).

There’re 5 check points, as follows:

1- Besòs river, in Sant Adrià del Besòs.

check point 1 besos


2- Montseny (mountain) from camí de cal Guillot, Sant Pere de Vilamajor.

Montseny cyclocat


3- Pont Trencat (broken bridge) in Sant Celoni.


4- Plaça de l’aigua, in Caldes de Malavella.

placa aigua check point 4


5- Carrilet sculpture, in Llambilles.

check point 5 carrilet

To get an idea of how the pictures must be here you have some…

exemples of pictures of past editions:

pont trencat