Next events

We are working to bring the net further, that’s why we organize some promotional events. Nowadays we are working in those projects:

Recon Girona – Figueres (23-24 September 2017)

You all as users voted that it’s convenient expand the net to Figueres. We are going to start a crowdfunding campaign with Verkami to get funds and make a recon mission to find the safest ways to link Girona to Figueres

museu dali

If you are a local and you know well the terrain, feel free to propose ways with the CycloCat criteria: maximum safety, minumum slope.

You can come une or both days to ride with us the proposed ways. More info in the next days at  CycloCat profile on Facebook.

Barcelona – Girona Gravel Gentlemen’s Ride (14 January 2018)

Are you able to ride from Barcelona to Girona without meeting any car on the way? We do!




Join us in this ride in Gentlemen’s ride format and discover the essence of cycling. This is an event that allow you to start in the cyclotourism world without going very far away from home. Maybe you don’t need even a passport or vacines, don’t worry for that. Moreover, this even will make you discover some of the CycloCat ways that will allow you to make some excursions in Catalonia, getting further than you think in a safe way.


bici tren

You can go back easily by train.

What is the Gentlemen’s Ride formula?

is a ride formula by teams of 2 to 6 members. Each team have a different starting time (delayed 1 minute normally each other). The members of the team must accomplish the ride together and can be helped within the team. You can also cooperate with other teams.


CC horta

The tour (or itinerary) is nor signalized nor traffic cutted (though this is not a problem because we are going to cycle on CycloCat roads which are safe very safe) and navigation is made with a track published by the organization. Then, at least one of the members must have a running GPS device



The ride is on a half-selfsufficiency basis: no feeding areas, just two collaborating restaurants will offer us water bottles.




Saturday before the event there will be a briefing meeting in Bed&Bike Hostel in Barcelona, there we will explain more details of the course.


First feeding area will the in Sant Antoni de Vilamajor, in Aira.

flyer aira

From there, there will be a free navigation part: you can choose between different courses to reach the second feeding point. You can find course ideas on this article.

Second feeding point will be in Vidreres, in Can Castells.


We have the support from local bike brand Unîca, that help us with the bib’s.

We will add more information as soon as we get it. Get the news following our Facebook CycloCat profile.