Gentlemen’s Gravel Ride Barcelona Girona regulation.

This regulation sanction the attendance and operation of the Ladies&Gentlemen’s Gravel Ride Barcelona Girona (LGGR in ahead).

Organized by: CycloCat Club Ciclista Terrassa

1-   The ride:

Art. 1.1 – LGGR is not a competition. It’s a self supported team ride. Participants are forced to respect the starting time schedules and tracks given by organizers.

Art. 1.2 – Helmet use is compulsory.

2-   Participants:

Art. 2.1 – Any cyclist over 16 years old with a UCI member federation license can register the ride. In case of not having a licence a single day insurance can be taken when submiting at the Federació Catalana de Ciclisme (FCC in ahead).

Art. 2.2 – In order to register at LGGR teams of 2 to 6 members must be made. Team name must be given at register time. A e-mail adress is needed as well for the registration that will be the official communication channel between the organization and the participant to communicate the right time, tracks and other general informations of the ride.

Art. 2.3 – Participants must be sure that they have all necessary informations to do that ride, specially informations referring to distance, time schedule, kind of ride, kind of ways, navigation, meteorological conditions, right gear and diet.

3-   Ride development:

Art. 3.1 – Each team will have a given departure time, separated 1 minute of precedent team. Departure hour and definitive track will be available on the web during the week after the ride. Moreover, organization declares that all ways are documented parts of CycloCat safe cycling net and all tracks are available on

Art. 3.2 – Price for registration is 15€ for UCI license members. Price for non members will be 15€ plus ride day insurance.

Art. 3.3 – Bib number and provisioning tickets can be picked up the afternoon before the ride at Bed&Bike Barcelona Hostel or the same day before the departure. Valid license must be shown or ride day insurance payment receipt. Bib number must be placed on the bike in a visible way during all the ride.

Art. 3.4 – Departure will be behind Cycling No Limit shop, carrer Dr. Aiguader 5-7, 08003 Barcelona between 8 and 9 a.m. on 20th January 2019. Organization have the right to change place and hour for safety or meteorological reasons.

Art. 3.5 – Arrival will be at Eat Sleep Cycle shop, carrer del Vern 3, 17004 Girona. Latest arrival time allowed is 18:00.

Art. 3.6 – There’s no organization car or motorbike closing the ride because the ride goes in parallel to the train line Barcelona – Girona. In case of giving up, evacuation can be done on the following train stations:

Montcada i Reixac, Mollet, Cardedeu, Llinars del Vallès, Santa Maria de Palautordera, Sant Celoni, Hostalric, Massanet-Massanes, Sils, Girona.

There will be an organization team closing the ride on bike and will attend any incidence.

Art. 3.7 – Roads and paths will be not closed to traffic. It’s compulsory to obey Circulation Code o Traffic Police requirements. In any case, organization will not be necessarily responsible, nor be in solidarity, with those cyclist that doesn’t respect Circulation Code, being themselves responsible for the infringement that could be commit.

Art. 3.8 – Control points will be though self-picture of the participants or team pet. Testimonial pictures can be send to Not sending the pictures doesn’t mean disqualification. Leave the organization track means disqualification. CycloCat Club Ciclista will keep all right of the pictures sent.

Art. 3.9 – Organization recomend strongly to study the ride percourse, get familiar with the land, kind of ways, navigation, difficult meteorological conditions. Try to ride 100Km previously before register. Try to ride some sections on your own some weeks before to know the ways. Don’t register if you don’t have certain guaranties of finishing. Not everything is possible. Please be responsible of your acts and your health even if the organization and FCC are giving insurance coverage.

Art. 3.10 – Each participant is responsible of his or her own navigation. This means that the participant is able to follow the track given by organization, with paper or with a GPS device. Moreover is responsible of having batteries enough for the device. Is a participant is not able to navigate, he or she can delegate this function into somebody in the own team that can. It’s allowed to receive help from other teams or third parts.

4-   Equipment:

Art. 4.1 – Each participant is responsible of the right working conditions of his or her bike as well of responsible or repair it in case of a common mechanical (flat tire, etc.). If a participant is not able of repair, he or she can delegate this function into somebody that can. It’s allowed to receive help from other teams or third parts.

Art. 4.2 – January is a cold month with rain probability. Get ready for colt and rain. We recommend a first synthetic layer that dries fast, a thermic second one and a wind and rain stopper third one.

Art. 4.3 – It’s possible to meet mud. We recommend mudguards or fenders. There’s no limitations for the bike, responsibility to choose the right equipment fall into the participant. Organization don’t recommend less than 28mm width tires. Part of the track is on dirt and gravel, so please wear hard enough wheels. Mechanicals due to inappropiated material are responsibility of the participant.

5-   General conditions:

Art. 5.1 – Each participant is responsible of the correct diet before, during and after the ride. Organization decline all responsibility for incorrect diets (dehydration, hypoglycaemia, alcohol effects, psychotropics). There’s two rest areas where participants will receive a bottle of water each. Emergency telephone is 112.

Art. 5.2 – Organization advise to attend to the briefing (minimum one member of the team) to be celebrated on Saturday 13th afternoon where last instructions will be given as well as informations about terrain conditions or changes on the course.

Art. 5.3 – Each participant must be kind to other ride participants and even more to other way users. In shared ways with pedestrians, cyclist is responsible for safe overtaking. Highlight your presence with a bell or similar. Don’t throw rubbish to the environment. Throw it to rubbish bins or take it with you till home. If organization get proofs of bad conduct to other way users or environment will not accept the registration of this participant for previous editions.

Art. 5.4 – All unforeseen events not reflected in this regulation will be solved by the organization and their decisions will be of forced compliance.

Art. 5.5 – To register in the event means the acceptation of this regulation and the organization keep the right of exclusion of any participant in case of non compliance of this regulation.