How to use tracks

Tracks are digital files that contain a list of points (way points) in global coordinates. This list of points define a route to follow. When you read this file using a GPS device (which knows exactly its global position) then it can tell us if we are close or far from waypoints. If we are passing by all points everything is OK. If we are getting far from the next way point, then the device warn us (should mean that we are taking the wrong way). Depending on the device, it will show us on the display which is the right direction and will help us to understant how to go back to the right way.

Types of track files

  • GPX
  • TCX
  • KML
  • others

Types of device


  • smartphones + app: iPhone or Android + Wikiloc or similars
  • GPD device: a wide range of brands and models. In constant evolution, we will not describe it deeply as information would be obsolete in few months.

Depending on the device you have to use a file type or another.

We will enlarge this section if changes in GPS market turn up.

So far, we can say that this tracks work good in Wikiloc app for iPhone.