Section 2

The second section will have several (six) track options. Here below we will help you to choose the ones that suits you the most.
After pit stop one (Aira) you can choose three different ways to reach Santa Maria de Palautordera:
The option “Flat” (green on the map) is the longest but the easiest.
The option “Hilly” (blue on the map) is more straight and have moderate gradient.
The options “Mountain” (black on the map) is the shortest but it has very steep slopes.
Some kilometres ahead, before Hostalric, you can choose two different ways to reach the second pit stop (Can Castells):
The option “Adventure” (yellow on the map) is more straight but it has a non rideable section in Maçanet-Massanes train station.
The option “Fast” (orange on the map) is longer, but allow you to ride at a higher average speed because of the high percentage of asphalt and an easier navigation. Just take into account that on Sundays there’s street market in Tordera on Sundays.
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You can download the tracks here:


altimetria pla aventura

Flat and Adventure (59Km, 461m)


altimetria pla rapid

Flat and Fast (60Km, 444m)


altimetria turons aventura

Hilly and Adventure (56Km, 498m)


altimetria turons rapid

Hilly and Fast (57Km, 481m) *Route reccomended by the organization.


altimetria muntanya aventura

Mountain and Adventure (50Km, 442m)


altimetria muntanya rapid

Mountain and Fast (51Km, 425m)



Notes and recommendations:

1- Recommended option by organization is Hilly and Fast. It doesn’t have the minimum elevation but it’s very safe and navigation is easy.
2- The ones that want to avoid steep slopes or the ones that doesn’t have low gears better to choose Flat and Fast.
3- The ones that want adventure, fatigue and suffering please choose Mountain and Adventure.