The start will be on 14th January 2018 behind Cycling No Limit store. Between 8 and 9 teams will be authorised to start at the defined starting time each.

cycling no limit botiga

They offer lockers service for 5€ on ride day (10€ escrow).

They offer special prices for riders on GGR as well:

Road bike with gravel tires to rent (85€) Special price: 65€

Kit flat tire with inner tube, leverrs and underseat bag (22,50€) Special price: 10€

Kit protection with rear light, front light, sunblock and bottle (27,35€) Special price 19,99€

Castelli velocissimo 3 Bibtight black (109,95€) Special price 92,36€ limited stock!!!

Helmet Eltin red(25,95€)  Special price 15.95€ limited stock!!!


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